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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Muharram presented in the coming months events

In the name of religion in history has fought many battles, all concerned promote religion or defense and control of their land would be their motivation. But most of them suddenly or over time within a range chrtyn, fought jatyn jatyn and over, in their fight for all humanity that war is not a fundamental, moral, cultural and social value have been in defense of lry. these forces not in a party during which before the war He preached on the enemy this purpose are blessed with speech, the Speaker for the purpose of defense and survival in the field army down. jua alarz their names not in bloody markun centuries before the first attack, Rand's final sufficient water for the general, from a doubt heavenly Scriptures listed above and a reliable, high cultural and aim for Imran and son of the same generation strangers battle developed after thousands of centuries are, ... and Yes .. Karbala he alone runs the forces that work in the next, Javed sph salar and soldiers were alive and winner of dictators and kings beat abrtnak reminder every year in every corner of the planet, on days mqrh, publicly , son of Adam to be remind. Yes! It is immortal, and in fact the Qur'an between the Karbala, Karbala .... just the message of death for every dictator.
Iqbal, winner of Karbala sph salar, before Mr. Imam Hussain RA historic hdyh presented.
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Ie, Al, could place their blood Chaman that invented the cut until the Hour of dictatorship was thrown.
Karbala was between the start and completion reached when? Today's students whose education was at Astana vocabulary or quick introduction to the forces of the days during Ashura in offering received speech, the answer would be the battle of Karbala Muharram ykm ten days of Muharram is . Surely, Imam Hussain and Yazid's army these days was an obvious ticker. mjadlh great start but actually in 0622 BC in the valley of Mount karan was, when the Prophet Abraham and his son Prophet Hazrat Ishmael meet Construction of the Ka'ba and finished praying, he asked.
O my Lord, send my children Find a messenger, who read the signs you read, teach the Book and wisdom, to purify their hearts, Thou Almighty and Wise. Surah al-BaqarahMr. Abraham on this great occasion, in order alualanbya got a dream that his son Prophet Ishmael Scatter in the way of Allah, Allah, offer sacrifice in the shrine. Qur'an have explained it thus.Son Hazrat Ismail, when he reaches the age of the father if the father said to run with, like son! I dreamed that I am slaughtered, see you: What is it, son said that my father got orders to him gzryyy, you will find me patient ansaallh. Saaffaat SuratAllah has tested his Prophet, his chosen sacrificial commitment, but since the Prophet Ishmael and his descendants continue generation alnbyn Mr. Mustafa Seal of Prophet Muhammad and the Religion of Abraham mnsayy ayzdy completion morning had been able to set azl So when Mr. Abraham, Mr. Ishmael knife on his neck began to change and you carefully tied his blindfold was then knife next to him, the abode of Hazrat Ismail a dnbh laid, they are slaughtered and Prophet Ishmael was saved. Every Muslim knows that during this entire incident Iblis tried to stop the sacrifice, Allah and His words to Adam in particular Abrahamic religion and pyruan Mustafa Messenger philosophy of this sacrifice is described with more interpretation we said in the future generations to sacrifice a great sacrifice in return for suspended. fdynh bzbh Qur'an language is considered the same great people and the Qur'an level of scholars since it meant that the mission hostility aydalzhy Prophet Mohammad's order in case of Sunni Prophet Hazrat Ishmael for this animal are sacrificed. alhyuan Qur'an the Sunnah to slaughter said the great sacrifice, but not like this series, per Qur'an Quran scholar and expert care, Dr. Mohammad Iqbal nearness of Mustafa Muslim fyzyab Lion Share This
1. Hazrat Ali RA and sph salar Karbala Imam Hussain Ibn Ali, could place about RA said.
Alhh alhh brother Bismillah pdr
Psr arrival meant great sacrifice
Subhan Allah, all meanings of the Qur'an Bismillah father in the b smty see. (View Ali)
2. Hazrat Ismail asked to postpone sacrifice, martyrdom of Husain in Karbala field was completed. Iqbal's poetry
Is poor and simple and colorful sanctuary dastanMost of this beautiful, beginning Ismail
Karbala is the eternal forces, azly and spiritual background, this is a battle between the forces of sanctuary and refused to Egypt began in 0622 Q. Abdyt his letters to money, nano Hussein Ibn Ali sanctuary in the desert and refused, Abraham and Nimrod's first clash near 086 seven hundred years after Christ and firmly last row of the conflict. between the children of Abraham apparently Nineveh Nineveh and Nimrod place winner beat time, several battle are great wars , the forces in Nineveh Nimrod Karbala Yazid lost but still continued war in Palestine, in Kashmir, in Iraq, Afghanistan and the dictatorship under sskty originally, in Islamic srzmynun. Iqbal issued in the present day and night to fight the eternal battle established While the news told us about.
Fire, Abraham's children, is Nimrod
But anyone of any destination amthan

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Superiority and importance of sacred month of Muharram...

Azl day when the vegetation of the earth and sky bluish averse floor roof was ready and the sun and the lamp was lit by the moon kusnma qndyl record it was written reply in the morning and evening and night changes of uruz inverted from Saturday and then the month has come into existence about four months in which sources are umhtrm s the birthday. So klaq world altogether in his last book chapter is that just as Allah and N waves Usher shra per ad alshur Book Day Allah created ualarz alsmauat arba cut sanctuary (altub:)Indeed the number of months with Allah is twelve in the command of Allah the day He created the heavens and the earth in these four sacred months.Thus the poets have described this thingLord in repentance pig doesYear are four months in literatureBu they respect many monthsKilling them is forbidden uzlm ujngThe month of Muharram of these sources is respected as a respect that ignorance was left in the dark most days rygzar Arab Bedouin from the knowledge and wisdom byganh, alienation and war close to them they were udldadh rsya of ujdal uqtal months in respect of murder, war ujdal, IV ukun, refrain from looting and fruit fall were urhzny That month of Muharram Muharram is said that men between the karzar warm blood and play Holi is forbidden.His history as the tenth month of fzyltun gldsth virtues and the same day Moses claim Jalil Messenger of Allah to his people Israel and to Pharaoh Trap ujabranh cruel ignominy of slavery to uslasl amyzqyd liberated.Virtue of her sources for this day and AH may be evidence that the Ramadan fast in the same superiority Riyadh has so love the last song Standing Bihar Reader Posts and mstur azl under the mask first stop cyrh ksa, Arabic Prophet Prophet Mohammad explained that in passing over.Almhrm Siyaam better after Ramadan City. (Muslim)After the month of Ramadan fasting month of Muharram is better most days.So this day is the day that a servant of Allah, your Lord with great devotion of love through dedicated his whole body in worship may be engaged with the most humility unyaz sacrificed their worship and good deeds in his court, could offer and by day unmaz utsbyh mention the pleasure of being urza juya are utlbgar. Rasool said in a sermon of Hajj honored.Time has come around on his origin was twelve years of which four are sacred are uadb then pay three drpy Qa'dah, Dhu'l-Hijjah, Muharram and Rajab almrjb fourth is between the jmady alakr and al. (Bukhari umslm )The day before Ashura Islam who used to used to this end of the Eid. Early Islam Ashura fast when the fast of Ramadan fasting frzyt of Ashura were then canceled, whether the heart should not live if not placed.When anhzrt migrated from Mecca to Medina, then visit the Jewish day of Muharram Keeping saw said: "You keep ruzkyun fast? He replied that this is the day of our salvation. This day Allaah saved the Children of Israel from Pharaoh Dalai day Hazrat Moses skrany as fast. He said: "We you with Prophet Moses are entitled to keep more than adaptation. So please himself a prophet too fast and too pleased with RA companions ordered to fast. (Bukhari umslm)But to avoid imitation of the Jews that if you said you lived in the ninth and tenth of Muharram will turn away fast.But next year you real creator of Muharram, before jamly but order was left. Sahabah ra implemented so pleased with the ninth of Muharram, the tenth or eleventh tenth should fast two days. Rasool said a worm: sumua Day ukalfua aasura fyh alyhud susua Oh badh yuma yuma titles. (Ahmad)Ashura hold fast against the Jews do with the tenth day and take a day or even a day before a day later.Month of Muharram is the sense that it preferred listening Hijri (Islamic year) is the first month of the universe based server migration on the incident but his appointment and was beginning to use the Hijri Farooqui covenant. Yemen Abu Governor Moses RA Ashar perfect obedience to the orders of Umar Farooq RA came on which date was not registered so Hijri RA Abu Musa Mustafa ksr perfect obedience to get the attention amrfaruq RA called the Council meeting and kept the issue before them. fixed date based on this incident found that the age and made refugees from the beginning of Muharram at the end of Dhu'l-Hijjah, because the Prophet's refuge in Medina was the plan decided and after the new moon of Muharram had happened.Muslim Hijri hear unique position in terms of their meaning umfhum holds. Other religions who are cur hear either of the birth day of a personality or a national incident reminds usadmany associated with pleasure. Of the human race no use. as perfect obedience to hear the beginning of AD is the birth of Jesus. Jews heard the Prophet Solomon's throne of Palestine nsyny is associated with an incident near the skuh winner Alexander heard Prime birth shows. Bikram Sun King Booker reminds of the birth of majyt.But listening to Islamic Hijri era of the Prophet is a great memorable incident in which lies a lesson that if the word Muslim aalayy ul instead of suffering ualam s mountains have broken. All become the enemy, to eliminate this aazh uaqrba be a mole on her friends suffer from similar suffering be paid Fetch all srbr aims to make people kill him, be up front on his voice to be tried to suppress, then they Muslims do?Islam does not say that reconciliation had to be rejected or falsehood of truth and tolerance mdahnt work in preaching and be soft in your faith and to bring nzryyy blend in so that their opposition be less stressed. No, township and city argument against Islam, but the emigration of all commands.Hearing on the incident Hijri migration is not based on any human superiority reminds ubrtry nor anyone skuh incident ... But a monument of victims who settled uby constancy, determination uastqlal, uastqamt patience and pleasure to agree has a great example lies within.This incident reminds us that oppressed refugees, displaced Muslims who oppressed and helpless in how successful your mission and how he went karstan, land and forest were thorns from your ablun of humility, the shows srsr smum saw it and saw the sun, hot sand and cool down the blazing kuylun, body crky eat sjayy chest wound, had died akrmnzl intended to reach, success usadmany kazryn rkha crown on your head and out of ugmnamy psty Rifat ushrt and respect uazmt reached the height of the balm. but failure but the real lesson today we have forgotten refugees and kudsakth ukrafat innovations are beginning the new year.Perfect obedience of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain RA sanctity of this sacred month of Muharram has no contact with. The tragedy of the death of the Prophet a worm occurred fifty years later. Hayat-e-Taiba in the Messenger and the religion was completed in if after If the evidence is excused ksr Mustafa, and Mustafa Shaheed chamber means perfect obedience and perfect obedience Usman Umar Farooq evidence alhya ualayman perfect evidence that the victims were Muslims worthy memorial to celebrate and if mourning would have allowed usyun in Islamic history Certificates were such that the Islam as it also would wail breast Kobe and E. ugryh less. the truth is that all these events occurring after completion of religion.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shepherds fear

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Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umar Allah's slave received anهma statement that she threw a rock once Abd Allah Medina anهma out by a bank. You with your companion were few. Colleagues laid table for your food. Meanwhile, there was a passing of shepherds. anه Allah Hazrat Ibn Umar said to him: "Come, come shepherds! This table you eat, drink anything "said the shepherd:" I am fasting "
She threw a rock anهma Abd Allah said: "such terrible hot day while you're fasting difficulties it is very fast and you also steal goats are in these mountains."
Shepherds replied: Yes! Krrhahun empty days in preparation which will not get a chance to follow the same process to prosper in this life process. Anهma Abd Allah, she threw a rock and fear of the shepherds of God's intentions to test with it said: ryurmyn you can sell a goat, we will give you the cash price, more you will break even for the meat? Shepherds replied:
"These goats are not selling any article, but my masters are Mir s, so I can not dispose."
She threw a rock anهma Abd Allah said: Your Lord will find a little goat and sheep that you miss her own soul, he will say nothing, because one of two goats in the mountains lost ryur keep happening. This Hazrat Abdullah bin shepherd hear that she threw a rock went from Allah to anه, athakr his finger towards the sky was going to say this phrase:
أyn Allah "Allah then n is said. Where is Allah? "
So when the shepherd went Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umar that Allah anهma repeat this phrase again and again said: Allah أyn "Then Allah nhy said. Where is Allah?"
When the Prophet came to Medina anهma Abd Allah tucruahy she threw a rock to the Lord and He sent his man to buy goats and shepherds and goats it freed him make gift. (Hilyah, llbyhqy (5291), Asad algabة (3082) This certificate is good)
(Derived low Sheets)

New generation of contemporary Islamic training needs urgent

Umma innovative temptation today is becoming a victim, on her intellectual hrtrf hurhahy invasion, efforts to erase her identity being hyn, the last few salunsy Zionist movement, Christian msynryan aurmtasb prksusy new generation of Muslim Hindu organizations are focusing al. sufficient because they know the child's mind is like a piece of paper written on it be whatever image it is. Perhaps that is why the Hindus in India kurdh mtasb some organizations and some religious schools under the auspices of us for our people are happy this is in understanding that our children are studying for free. Christian msynryun cph cph in the world maintains its educational institutions where education aurnsab environment is something that children Islamic values ​​rkhagya uruayat loans are totally forgotten, but poor children around the backward areas of praysayyt name kuasry education instruction is open, this one country but most countries in the state of new generations andrartdady activities are becoming faster and faster simple Tablet Muslims is not aware of it. just to Morocco last days of Western countries more than twenty priests rkya the country was ill because of their Muslim clergy orphans and poor children there, calm and prosperous Christian life made by Jhansi was baptized by the cross around her neck was placed auruhan couples living in Western countries no children and some had their bid to force the ritual worship pastor at bjalany mjburkrrhy asnaءhkumt officials that they were seized and Morocco's Foreign Ministry immediately deported and there pranhyn Christian msynryun kukbrdar any government that Morocco Islam will not be allowed to play with. (three-day party 7 May 2010)
Recent report something is happening to Iraqi children, Christian msynryan dndnaty then are all in Iraq, whose war of parents of children up bhynt have kidnapped these children and took them into the official Christian religion is. Christian msynryun The recent report of their own homes, lest Pak subcontinent uhndky America dominate some areas of Afghanistan if the situation analysis klyjh atahy mouth, letter Christians and Muslims live below the poverty their children badly your tool have made and are making, in some areas of qadyanyt apostasy trial is also full swing. are areas where reform efforts are being Apostasy though there tribulations getting a chance to flourish, however, under the patronage of government institutions running courses education due to conflicts with Islamic beliefs gyrmhsus way our new generation of Islamic values ​​aary uruayat is getting. This is nothing but ground realities are not to say that today's modern educated class in religion unless heart al is becoming paralyzed. Thank Allah that people with pain almaءaur Islam jyalun brsgyrpak uhnd the network of religious schools whose zyrasr today laid Praise Islamic identity in the region remains, and if Muslims are not religious trends focus on training their children to Islamic spirit if not the state of our new generation hutauh refuge in Allah.
So that our enemies have been strangers to one side, Muslim children suffer krrhahy tudusry temptation to apostasy try them that their new generation be given a curriculum which kufrug mynaslam and Muslims around kudhst, bnyadprst, dereliction and murderer was kidney be 'that Islam as a youth, his lack of syadaut Rich becomes just lets you assess the recent days that the United States from a book series "urldaf Islam" has called on mnzraam ten small books, Color Includes, Foreign Policy Research Institute which is published by, the Arab news organizations "Islam online" according to the authors of the books mentioned ten books ktryhudy hynaur nky initial ten degrees taught in U.S. schools will be reduced so that American children from age the actual role of Islam and Muslims to realize the truth.
Radical Islam in a book (bnyadprst Islam) is the title written on the cover of machine gun was made and the title is prkun see the blood, interior book terrorist and extremist Muslims have been proved . "History of Islam" I was trying to prove that Muslims and Islam chardang sword of state power mynapny phylayaaur to expand his empire was non-core tyg. tqrybayh bcunky all books of Islam and With mslmanunky offer heinous photo, when such children reading books will be obvious that his mind towards udmag mynaslam and Muslims as a youth, a kind of hatred will be down.
This occasion we will recognize your position and location. We are people of other nations for which was made Leader, United umll behind our heads uqyadt crown was placed, had lost our job the way humanity sleep sanctuary to take .... But sdhyf ngrbn today we have diarrhea instead of being the leader, have become global Instead of being invited. Our strength is low, and recognized that religion is the result of the popularity in the market can get them is being Khote.
Currently, however, respondents said that since most of our children today in aurbcyan drsgahun zyrtalym contemporary Western style curriculum which is or at least of its environment has been published on the mgrbyt. Such critical situations, if we give a new generation training If brtty negligence in the most dreadful in the future will result, the growing flood of ladynyt to tie tied on time today requires that we zyrtalym Muslim children in schools and colleges to give special attention. your new generation adorned with contemporary education to groom, but in addition to the religious education, universal teachings of Islam give them aware, it is religious primary education is obligatory hrmslman mrduaurt, at least to this extent a child of Religion Education uaklaqy adorned with religious duty of every parent has to.
Grmayy now coming holiday season, this religious training of children in schools snhramuqa zyrtalym is based on two months dynyat grmayy kursyz can run, Praise Some Muslim communities in Kuwait also are used to organize summer camps for children in which religious training with different cultural prugramzky poem is quite good, such awareness camp will give children in, their mood will change in nature, good company will be awarded and will be protected from fzulyat of hrtrh. hope that parents of children who will benefit from the camp.

Say taooz five benefits

Read aauzballh first five benefits are steadfast in religion, evil and of Satan II disorder prevention, protection of Allaah suym strong fort and place of nearness Interior, IV Prophets, martyrs, prophets, righteous and peaceful place with access to, sort of V owners seeking assistance. (gnya altalbyn)Some books came when the devil layn Allaah told ahead of your servants, come from left and right behind them will bhkawn Allaah said that I respect and Impact of their kind in order to that they will kidnap you to avoid application of my protection when they come to me then I will pray by your guide through the right side and left side gave their own care through the back and your through support to them will protect them. "O cursed them seduce your loss will not harm.There is a certain traditions which seek refuge with Allah's servant once a day, Allaah protect him and also said that doth seek refuge with Allah by two locked doors of sins and obedience and read Bismillah serve to open doors.Believer in tradition that Iblis to lead daily sends 360 troops believing then seek refuge with Allaah, Allaah does appear to have three hundred sixty times and see each time a host of art Satan is destroyed .However, the thing which caused fear and runs away (the protection of Allah) is to seek refuge with Allaah from the mind Say alsytn to reciting with much of alrjym.Reciting Bismillah Sharif should also consider that Satan has small until he becomes equal to the ant. "Faizan Sunni" I read that Satan Bismillah Rahman al-Raheem such as melting lead is melting.

How to restore confidence?

Confident not only your life but your personality evergreens strength is also doubled. Whatever you have degrees and I am the owner of uqablyt capacity, lack of confidence in you, then understand that all these degrees lyjyy and abilities are useless.
Some people from my childhood is the lack of kudaatmady some time in the changing conditions and harsh tests of life due to lack self-confidence comes from.
People generally believe that if you have money, jgar usurt good shape, you can easily set a destination, but it is not necessary because the one thing above all these things in front of which is dull and prjaty kudaatmady.
Kudaatmady you in anything, you can use. The question is how to make kudaatmady inside? Ayyy few support resources information in this regard are jasl
Positive thinking and peaceful view
Kudaatmady positive thinking and ideology of peaceful restoration is essential for most, and achieve a positive environment around personalities and bahmt significantly from company to company may affect a person's life is very good around you, with hard work and self-confidence will be your holy people shall follow their footsteps and make yourself like them will try, this lyy always tolerant and experienced people should keep in touch, hear their words carefully and whether their views should try to remove the inside. and relationships should always keep good people, evil and wicked people should narrowly to avoid.
Personality believers read books and information derived from special dftrmynnut, and writing lesson phrases amuz make a place where you often see Stick get.
Kudmyn is important for restoring confidence that we will have positive thinking, things become much more serious matter we do not worry, even a hope and trust. And it also wants to believe that everything sooner or later become will. not only think we are embarking on will always fear, we will able not dare move, which will raises our morale, we believe hugaaur weak kudaatmady will decrease.

Attractive conversation
Talk big impact on our personality is affecting a lot of meaning lyy keep our conversation, byan excellent way not only we win people's hearts but also their faith in a firm are pydakrty.
Best way to describe losing their views in front of others because we do feel feel free mixtures
Ntjh as the quality of our fall within kudaatmady think. And a good way to get rid of this is that when you want to speak about the subject before you gather all information and the best way to azbr byan and best governance practice to keep talking.
No one man is not complete
Yes, however no one person is not complete within hransan kfth skills are highlighted which need to be, if a man inside, he lives in his skills, Say dhundly umsrt rich can enjoy. And its the same quality Thanks to the hearts of people not only can recognize their own in society. It features hidden within lyy find, for your precious gift of power, but with her own errors and mistakes also must sdar. nsyn mind if this point has produced feature, you must believe in and that his faith in your kudaatmady kubhal be effective.
Time never remains the same
Remember those days when you were very happy and satisfied, your pleasure these days usadmany sucyn What were the motives? What was he gracious to you when ....? And on what basis he had hired rejoice ....? Own the same strength, same passion, the same make sure .... again and think it a good day if not always live with you day will not be so bad, although you did in the past achievements on hynan Take a look at the course. From time to time to see these awards and awards which you met in the past.
Thus your positive thoughts and regain your lost energy in yourself then the same power, same passion, and then can create the same kudaatmady again.
Set your destination itself
My goal in life to become lyy set themselves, and to achieve their own need not exceed the lyy aljhayyn 'mbadakh contact your social unjy life be broken. Ukyalat thoughts do not let your inside prison, But their use, not take life too seriously, nor more self-rule law and principles bandyn, keep yourself free, enjoy life and remember that your life is a goal which You have to get. This being satisfied with yourself will be able to restore confidence in himself.

Complete their work well
Bhsn ukuby proven his work until the completion grant, to carry out the work amdgy in our faith is born. While half incomplete work within us is disappoint. Before starting any work to understand it well have sufficient weight to take their skills phrksy work put in hand.
Work the same way not only gives us boredom but also limited by our ability to keep uslahyt dytahy, which seems to be at our kudaatmady. So work I always try to bring innovation, it will create in you enthusiasm uululh , will come to understand new ideas, and highlight your skills hungy kfth.
Lower kudku not understand
People usually consider themselves inferior, and others are Awe, respect others, though not krnaglt himself a victim of neglect and less sense kudku bnalyna is very wrong.
So understand their importance, their lives, feelings, and take care of your needs.
All features can not be a man, if man as much effort 'Neither can all work and all art can be Glory. So who are interested in art asmyn well try to create best practice that you key role in creating kudaatmady inside will
The first record where I never give up nor
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Our Beloved was such

* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه not ever put forth in the food, wish you could eat or leave.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah match alyه first greeting used. Krmlty smiling from every shs, would shake hands warmly, and not leave hands, until their own hands would not withdraw.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه put his own were poor.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه hate it that stood there looking at them, thus their dignity even to extremes hindered. And company get a place where there were sitting.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah juduska alyه were the organism. Was very courageous and brave.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah veil alyه nsynknuary dusyzau than n were shy.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه have asked for anything, and you "not" have said 'Never did not happen.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah nadanun alyه matter of courtesy, and with the wrong ualunsy frmadyty drgzr.* Mohammad peace be upon who Allah hmklam alyه would listen to him so that you know what is the most beloved in the sight.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه any desire to talk in private shows, and you wish to listen to him listen carefully.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah when alyه napsndfrmaty anything you assess his face was looking.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه wife, slave or someone else did not kukbhy.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه uzfr victory also was not demonstrated arrogance and pride.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah zhd alyه uastgna were the organism. Were sleeping on the mat. Your bed leather palm fiber which had been filled.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah kujhut alyه disliked byhd* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه Action is beloved in the sight of which may be a little persistence brtajayy course.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه behind the Croatian people were so brief prayer and prayer alone to stand when prayer was so long.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah when alyه come to sleep in your bed and your right hand lytty tudayyn the bottom of your right to have rksar.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه bhalt janaabah want to sleep when my private prayer, as do the dl took uzukr.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه reached when a happy feelings of gratitude were prostrate church.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه kudsy start when you were praying.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه rak'ahs Sunni prayer after two were down on the right side.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه siwaak to sleep when your head was, up on the first siwaak used.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه ate three fingers and licking it took before washing hands.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah uzukrny alyه, shoe wear, hair and inside the right as I used to like to start.* Mohammad peace be upon Allah alyه Monday and Thursday fasts regularly used.End: a true believer, the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern to know, your attitude and your Sirat-e-Taiba uadab adopted the life tries.